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Spirits are sacred; they deserve nothing less than full authenticity. All of our work together will grow from this core tenet, allowing you to connect with your highest self.

 I offer yoga, Reiki, meditation, and crystal healing, in addition to therapy services. These are all optional services, and we can employ them as much or as little as your comfort level allows, in conjunction with or completely independent of traditional therapy.

Integrative healing supports the body's natural healing processes. When our energy is balanced we can better heal our minds and bodies, think more clearly, connect with our authentic selves, and live a fuller, happier life with less fear.

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As a registered yoga teacher, I offer traditional yoga classes and may employ some yoga philosophy in the therapy space as well. I believe in the well-documented power of yoga to bring the body, mind, and spirit into balance, and to help you harness that power in your own healing. See my Classes and Events page for events and class schedule.


Mindfulness meditation is a great way to quiet the mind and ego, to calm the nervous system, and to get to the bottom of what your soul really needs to thrive. I use many techniques such as breathing practices, guided meditation, guided imagery, mantra meditation, and more. See my Classes and Events page for events and class schedule, including meditation for beginners.


Reiki is an energy healing art with Japanese roots. I’m a level 2 practitioner and member of the International Reiki Association, and I use these skills to help ease tension and stress, and to help support the body to facilitate an environment for healing on all levels. Realigning your bodily energies through the seven-point chakra system can be a powerful tool in your emotional healing.


My Reiki session prices are:

  • 60 minutes - $90
  • 45 minutes - $70
  • 30 minutes - $60


Within the first minute in my office you'll discover my love for crystals! I like to work with crystals in four ways: to absorb harmful energy, to dissolve energy blockages, to provide energy to heal, and to balance the flow of life energy (prana) through the body. They’re also just great to have around!


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