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How long is therapy going to take? How often do I need to come?

I hate to start with “it all depends,” but… it all depends. There are many factors that go into the length and frequency of therapy, and I’m happy to let you know what I think after gaining familiarity with your needs.

How long are sessions?

Therapy sessions are 60 minutes in length. Couples may find it beneficial to plan some two hour therapy sessions, which we’ll plan in advance.

What do I do if we don’t click?

If you find that therapy isn’t clicking for you, it’s certainly okay to say so! Making sure that you get what you want out of each session is important to your growth, and I want to create a space where open dialogue is welcome. In fact, I will check with you on how you feel about your progress from time to time. Of course, you are welcome to shop around (Psychology Today is a great resource), or I can help you with referrals to other great therapists.

Can I contact you between sessions for help or in a crisis?

Yes and no. You can contact me between sessions for scheduling changes or if you need an emergency session. I will try to respond to any message within 24 hours. You should plan on working on your personal issues and goals within our time together in session. For emergency and life-threatening situations, please call 911 or the Crisis Text Line by texting “HOME” to 741741.

Can I come with a list of specific things I would like to talk about?

Abso-fucking-lutely. It makes my day when someone pulls out their phone with a list!

Do I have to do hippie-dippy stuff if we work together?

Of course not! I work just as well with people interested only in talk therapy as I do with those who want to incorporate techniques such as energy healing and meditation into their process. I will always respect your preferences.

Can I take part in your yoga classes/workshops without being a therapy client?

Yes! Visit my workshop/events page to see my current offerings.

What’s all this about Reiki, meditation, crystals, etc.?

Check out integrative healing page for more on that!

Can I bring my dog?

You are welcome to bring your leashed dog!

Will I/we have homework?

The answer is yes, but not the traditional homework you might think of. You will always leave with some specific action steps such as:

  • To think more about a specific topic
  • Pay more attention to a feeling
  • Have conversations with your loved ones about particular things
  • Practice specific self-care techniques
  • Many other possibilities
  • The hour that we spend together is important, but the work you do outside of my office is where you get the real bang for your therapy buck.


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