Supervision One-Day MFT Retreat


Get MFT group supervision hours without committing to a regular group. Come to a 6 hour experiential supervision retreat on “Mindfulness in Practice.”

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Need MFT group supervision hours but don’t want to commit to a regular group? Interested in bringing mindfulness into your practice? Wanna feel relaxed as f&#k on a Saturday morning? Come to a 6 hour supervision group on “Mindfulness in Practice.”

Come learn how to use mindfulness techniques such as breath work, meditation, and some light yoga to help your clients (and you!) build distress tolerance, calm the fight or flight response, and get a handle on negative thoughts! We’ll also discuss the role of meditation in healing trauma. This is an experiential learning event so wear your most comfy clothes and bring your favorite blanket!

We will eat a working/mindful 30 minute lunch. Light snacks and drinks will be provided, but you may want to being what you like also.

Minimum participants: 3

314 17th Ave N
Hopkins, MN 55343